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Chapter 8  EW Measurement Systems

Circular Matrix DF Array

Design tolerances of the phase modes generated by an N-port Butler matrix feeding an N-element circular DF array.

Deambiguity Design

Deambiguity margin design of a four-discriminator phase encoding system for IFM and multibaseline interferometer DF systems.

IFM and Interferometer Design

Detection, ambiguity probability and effect of design tolerances on a two-discriminator IFM or two-baseline interferometer system.

Amplitude Comparison DF

Amplitude comparison DF system design and evaluation of three common algorithms. DF error analysis for various real antenna patterns including those input by the user.

Fourier Transform Error Analysis

Analyzes the mode structure of error data using an adaptable Fourier Transform. Examples of DF systems measurement error are included. User data can also be input. Also a general purpose Fourier and correlation analysis tool.

ACDF Resolving Interferometer Ambiguities

Ambiguity tolerance using amplitude comparison DF system to resolve shortest baseline ambiguities of an interferometer DF system.


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