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Chapter 7  Microwave Receivers

Frequency Discriminator SNRO & Noise Spectra

Signal-to-noise ratio across the operating band with adjustable gain and noise figure variations.

Directional Coupler Multiplier

Models the 90 3-dB coupler with detector diodes as an RF multiplier.

RF Amplifier DLVA Cascading

RF amplification and cascaded detector log-video amplifier output combining.

Pulse Filtering Distortion

Effects of RF filter bandwidth, pulse width, and frequency offsets on the output pulse shape.

Compressive Receiver Performance

Compressive receiver design and performance; effect of pulse width, rise-time, relative delay, RF offset, and DDL parameters on compression gain.

Digital FFT Receiver Performance

Digital FFT receiver design; effect of window functions, pulse width, rise-time, relative delay, frequency offset, number of bits, ADC linearity, and clock jitter. Also models signal overlap and complex signals.

Receiver Sensitivity

Sensitivity and SNR performance of eight types of common microwave receivers.


Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - RF Analysis Aids
Chapter 3 - RF Chain Components
Chapter 4 - Antennas
Chapter 5 - Amplifiers
Chapter 6 - Signal Detection
Chapter 8 - EW Measurement Systems
Chapter 9 - Operational Performance