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Chapter 6  Signal Detection

Video Noise Rate Statistics

Zero crossing rate and positive peak occurrence rate for various video band shapes and shape orders.

Signal Detection Probability

Basic probability distribution of signal + Gaussian noise and threshold triggering probability.

Pulse Thresholding

Oscilloscope-type representation of pulse triggering and threshold hysteresis fallback probability along a pulse for a variety of receiver types.

Threshold Triggering Probability

Pulse triggering probability around threshold for a variety of receiver types and designs.

Video-OR Threshold

Triggering and signal-to-noise performance of the video-OR circuit used to combine multiple receiver channels before thresholding, with dominant signals in one or two channels.

Vector Thresholding

Various vector receiver thresholding algorithms are compared. Performance is displayed as a function of threshold and signal-to-noise ratio.

Multisample Noncoherent Integration

Optimizing noncoherent integration SNR improvement using multiple samples along a video pulse for various video band shapes.


Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - RF Analysis Aids
Chapter 3 - RF Chain Components
Chapter 4 - Antennas
Chapter 5 - Amplifiers
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