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Chapter 4  Antennas

Reflector Antenna Patterns

Design and tolerances of a parabolic dish antenna. Assesses the effects of feed illumination, F/D ratio, and defocusing on the pattern and gain.

Array Antenna Patterns

Plots array antenna azimuth and elevation patterns with choices of feed taper, element size, positioning, and number.

Antenna Polarization Coupling

Power coupling loss and polarization characteristics of a pair of arbitrarily polarized antennas.

Antenna Near-Field Power

Power density and power received by a test antenna in the near-field of a large aperture antenna. The receive antenna can be positioned off-axis.


Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - RF Analysis Aids
Chapter 3 - RF Chain Components
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Chapter 6 - Signal Detection
Chapter 7 - Microwave Receivers
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