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Chapter 3  RF Chain Components

Transmission Line Filter

Design of a fifth-order line and stub low-pass microwave filter. Butterworth and Chebyshev responses; demonstrates tolerances to line impedance, load match and insertion loss.

Directional Coupler Operation

Demonstrates the operation of lossy and lossless directional couplers with a variety of mid-band coupling values over a range of port match conditions.

Microstrip Directional Coupler

The applet encompasses the latest published design rules for accurately designing microstrip broadside, coupled-line directional couplers in the frequency range 1 to 20 GHz.

Mixer Spurii

Intermodulation component generation up to the seventh-order in single diode, balanced and doubly balanced mixer types as a function of LO and signal drive levels.


Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - RF Analysis Aids
Chapter 4 - Antennas
Chapter 5 - Amplifiers
Chapter 6 - Signal Detection
Chapter 7 - Microwave Receivers
Chapter 8 - EW Measurement Systems
Chapter 9 - Operational Performance