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Chapter 2  RF Analysis Aids

dBmi : dBW/m2 Conversion

Converts between dBmi and dBW/m2 receiver system sensitivity definitions.

Cascaded Noise Figure

Calculates the overall noise figure and noise temperature of up to four amplifying or attenuating components in cascade.

Transmission Line

Demonstrates the characteristics and principles of transmission lines; available power, VSWR, line voltage, line impedance, and matching.

Cascaded Mismatches

Evaluates accurate VSWR of two transmission-line components in cascade separated by a variable attenuator, with adjustable source and load VSWR.


Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 3 - RF Chain Components
Chapter 4 - Antennas
Chapter 5 - Amplifiers
Chapter 6 - Signal Detection
Chapter 7 - Microwave Receivers
Chapter 8 - EW Measurement Systems
Chapter 9 - Operational Performance